James Cordell MD

Insurance for Internal Medicine, Geriatrics, and Primary Care

  • PPO Plans

    The practice accepts most PPO plans
  • Commercial HMOs

    I am a primary care physician with San Diego Physicians Medical Group/ dba Scripps Physician Medical Group for the following commercial HMOs:
    • Aetna
    • Anthem Blue Cross
    • Blue Shield
    • Health Net
    • United Health Care
    You can sign up for my primary practice by enrolling with your health plan. You will find me listed under "San Diego Physicians Medical Group" or Scripps Physician Medical Group. I am also a primary physician for Cigna Commercial HMO through a direct contract.
  • Medicare Patients

    We accept Medicare Assignment for those patients who have standard Medicare. This means that Medicare decides what the fee will be for a specific service and then pays 80% of that fee (after the Medicare recipient has paid the yearly deductable). The patient is then responsible for the remaining 20% of the Medicare fee. Patients can use supplemental insurance or pay the 20% themselves. We are sorry but we cannot accept Medical as payment for this 20%, as Medi-cal always "pays" zero dollars for these supplemental claims
  • Medicare Advantage Plans

    Medicare advantage plans are Medicare HMOs and Medicare PPOs. James Cordell is a primary care physician for patients enrolled under the following

    Medicare HMO Plans:

    • Aetna Senior
    • Anthem Blue Cross Senior
    • Blue Shield Senior
    • Easy Choice
    • Health Net Senior
    • Care First
    • Humana
    You can sign up with our practice by enrolling with your health plan through our medical group, San Diego Physicians Medical Group.

    Medicare Advantage PPOs:

    • We accept Aetna Senior PPO and Blue Shield Senior PPO as payment in full
    • We do not accept Anthem Blue Cross Freedom Blue as payment in full unless they pay the full 20% co-fee. Patients will be billed for the balance between what Medicare and Freedom pay and the Medicare allowable amount. We are sorry for any confusion but Anthem continues to claim we have a contract with them to forego the 20% supplemental payment, which we do not.

Insurance for Travel Health

  • We do not accept insurance payments for Travel Health services
  • Unfortunately many insurance plans do not cover travel health vaccinations and those that do usually to not pay the physician enough to even cover the whole sale cost of the vaccines.